I am currently a Senior Research Scientist at Samsung AI. Before, I was as Senior Researcher at Telefonica Research and a research fellow at the University of Cambridge. I received my PhD from University College London (UCL) under the supervision of Cecilia Mascolo.

My research interests include mobile systems, deep learning and networks. At Samsung AI I am leading a team working on supporting AI on mobile devices through distributed computing. More specifically, my team is conducting research on supporting Federated Learning on a wide range of mobile and embedded devices. Furthermore, we are looking into novel ways of supporting real-time AI inference via offloading DNN workload to edge/cloud resources. Finally, we are looking into few-shot, on-device personalization through Meta-Learning.

I also teach courses on “Deep Learning”, “Data Science” and “Machine Learning” at the Graduate School of Economics Masters Course in Data Science in Barcelona and at the GSE Data Science Summer School .

Finally, I have been the chair or TPC member in multiple top-tier conferences (WWW, Mobisys, MobiCom, CoNext, ICWSM, CSCW, IMC, etc).

We are hiring!

I am keen to hear from strong students interested in doing an internship with me. Furthermore, I am looking for postdoctoral researchers that work in the intersection of mobile systems and machine learning, especially in federated learning. Please contact me for more information.